Quenching Your Thirst

Summer sixteen will be about long nights, great company, good vibes, and of course Lemonade, by the Queen Bey. Since the premiere of the woman liberating visual album on HBO, the beehive and the internet has been quenching their thirst and getting their lives. Beyonce's latest is definitely one of her greatest. From her debut album, Dangerously In Love, in 2003, her vocal growth and style has tremendously progressed over the years. Her music has transitioned from, "I am so obsessed with my husband," to, "I am an independent woman." In this album, in particular, her fans get a new side of Beyonce, her vulnerable side, her honest side, we see her weaknesses and how they make her stronger. She embraces her independency, her womanhood and her ability to deal with her emotions. 

Comparing Lemonade to Beyonce's previous self titled album, which was released in 2013, we can see how much she has in 3 years. It is evident Beyonce is getting more personal, and more open about her married life. She takes us on an emotional rollercoaster, as she sings about love, commitment and marriage. With the album Beyonce, her audience gets the feminist side of Beyonce, the side where we see Beyonce showing us her full creative freedom, where she is liberating her sexuality and being free. Of course the album was explicit, but Beyonce shows us that women do not have to hide their sexuality, they should be proud of it, flaunt it, own it. In Lemonade, we get introduced to Beyonce's more personal feelings, she opens up about her feelings on marriage and how she can be a wife and still be independent and strong minded. Analyzing this album form a feminist point of view, Beyonce gives a voice to all the wives that have been faithful to their husbands and their marriage, even when their significant other has not. Beyonce gives her fans a first time look into her very private life. We are aware of her parents misfortunes in their marriage and this album does bring speculation if Jayz had cheated on Beyonce. In the song, "Don't Hurt Yourself," Beyonce establishes herself as a "fire breathing dragon," in which she makes it well known that she demands respect and even though she loves her husband, she can essentially, "do bad all by herself." A personal favorite of mine is the song, "Hold Up," because of the message in Bey's lyrics. Not only is Beyonce spitting bars, but she also saying how much she would do anything for her husband and lets him know she is the only that is really "down for him". 

Beyonce's album is liberating for Black women. Beyonce makes it aware that she is not too good of a woman to be cheated on. The most faithful, beautiful, loving wife can get hurt, but that should not break them. In her album she takes us through the emotions experienced dealing with a situation where there is infidelity in the marriage. She admits to still loving her husband and wanting to be with him, even after his wrong doings. She admits to feeling weak and broken, but she does not loose herself. She lets us know that when her husband hurt her he was only hurting his self, because the temporary happiness he seeks will not fulfill his needs. Beyonce lets us know it is ok to cry, get crazy, be jealous, and still be in love with the man that hurt you. She lets us know that we are humans, we make mistakes, we can feel broken down, but we must learn from those mistakes and grow. Her album has become a reference tool for wives and womanist all over.

So if you are going through a tough situation with your significant other, I recommend getting your life with some Lemonade.