More Mondays, more success, more money, more accomplishments, more opportunity. Mondays are our least favorite day of the week, but Open Your Thoughts is all about motivating and encouraging you to boss up. When we start our week off on a positive and active note, it's sure to be one filled with opportunity, accomplishments, success and Black Girl Magic!

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On Mondays we're already looking forward to Friday and the shenanigans we're planning to get into for the weekend. We waste our week away with day dreaming about how awesome the weekend is going to be. We lose passion and focus, because we're not utilizing the other 3 days in the week. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday aren't doormat days. Those days we can spend working on our craft, our businesses, our brand, expanding our horizons and being productive. Every day of the week I have something major to do, whether its editing a post, taking pictures, planning a school event at my job, or just taking the time out to read. Every day of the week is the perfect day to get busy, Monday is just the start. I look forward to Mondays because I know its full of new beginnings!