The Intimate Confessions of  a Black Queen

Love is that condition in the human spirit so profound that it allows me to survive, and better than that, to thrive with passion, compassion, and style.
— Maya Angelou

 I am no relationship expert and I have had my fair share of "ain't shit ass niggas"..actually that just seems to be the guys that keep falling into my lap. I've made decisions and acted out of character because I thought I really cared about someone. I had those weird moments in the relationship where I thought I was in love, but I’ve never actually been in love. I had those days after a break up where I thought I wouldn’t live to see another day without a certain person in my life. I can honestly admit there’s been times when I was with someone just to fill a void of emptiness or to fulfill my sexual needs, when I had no actual real interest in the person. I have had my share of breakdowns and nights where I cried myself to sleep. I have experienced an abusive relationship and I have experienced a relationship that was nothing but growth and happiness. I have been with people who dedicated themselves to keeping me happy and I fucked it all up. There’s been times where I lost myself in another person and it took me a while to realize my worth. I am a woman, who has probably been through it all.. minus the pregnancy scares and the STD’s (thank ya Jesus!) So with me sharing my stories, I hope I can inspire and motivate other ladies in need; as well as entertain everyone with my wild stories (excuse the explicitness in advance). Enjoy!