Mr. Right Now

Good dick will change your life and I’ll be a witness to that testament. I even read a tweet that said, “Dick that makes you feel powerful is important,” and I came to the realization that, that is so ridiculously true. Ladies, I feel you when the dick too bomb and you can’t leave him alone…I totally feel you (but that still doesn’t mean you should put up with a fuck boy, because I’ll still kirk on you for being too stupid to leave good dick that’s bad for you). Now, I say all this to say I finally found real love and really, really good dick. You all probably think I’m a sexist prude by now, who has really bad luck with love and I’m just a bitter, crazy, anti-male feminist; however, none of that is true. I’m not bitter, because I’m happy and involved with someone special. I may be a little nuts, but what girl isn’t, honestly. This guy in my life is nothing but heaven sent. For a good year now I’ve been completely head over heels for him. He’s the yin to yang and everyday I’m thanking God for letting me know experience real love.

We met through a mutual friend of ours. Funny story, my ex girlfriends’ best friend is also best friends with my dude now and he is the one who introduced us to each other…which was actually around this time last year. I asked our friend to put me on with a tall, breaded, dark skin hunk. In stead of my black knight in shining armor, I got my cute little baby (lol) We exchanged numbers and Instagrams (apparently these days dudes need a sample of the product before they proceed to the communication phase) Since last year November, I can’t remember a day we went without talking, except that one time we were severely mad at each other and he didn’t fuck with me for 2 days (but that’s a whole other story). When we first started dating, we were so obsessed with each other. He would call me everyday and when we weren’t talking on the phone we were texting, all damn day. I remember him asking me did he call me too much and this was probably a few weeks in and I told him I could never get tired of his voice. Everything about him made me smile, his ambitions, his motivation, his kindness, his laugh, his smooth talking and his ability to make me feel so comfortable.

My intentions with him were to eventually get into a relationship together, so I definitely had to be on my p’s and q’s. He had just got out of toxic relationship and his insecurities about trust took a lot of adjusting for me. Compromise and honesty is key to any foundation you’re trying to build with another person.  After 3 weeks of pillow talking and we finally had our first date. Being that he is four years older than me, I was very nervous. It took me a whole hour to figure all I was wearing was a basic ass sweater and jeans. When I saw him for this first time my heart skipped a beat and I remember smiling from ear to ear, like a goofy little girl. We went to a restaurant…nothing fancy, really chill. The whole date I was mesmerized by his presence, I swear I was just staring at him the whole time. Afterwards we went back to my place, laid in the bed and shared a couple of jays. It was the best part of the date, laying in his arms made me feel so secure. His kisses were the sweetest, really passionate and deep. Every time he planted a kiss on my lips, I kept wanting more.

Our first date was not the first time we had sex. On our first date he only ate the cookies and when I tell you he ate it with precision…that may even be an understatement.  Our first time was a lot for me to handle and I ain’t going to lie. It was like loosing my virginity all over again.  The first stroke was very intense and it wasn’t just the first stroke, the whole 10 minutes of it had my insides ripping apart. I could not go any longer than 10 minutes, 2 more minutes and I would’ve felt it in my stomach. I never had grown ass man dick before, but after that I was hooked to it like crack. I had to apologize for abrupt stop, I honestly could not take all of it and I did not get to do any tricks. Now, I am no tap out queen, so the next time and every time after that I really had to lay it on him. For the past year, we’ve been having bomb ass sex, the best sex of my life, EVERY SINGLE TIME (every single time). I remember this one time we were really drunk, really horny, coming home from partying and we just got to it for 4 hours straight. I’m talking porn star level -  things I did not even know I was capable of doing.

Everything that shines is not always gold, all relationships have issues and this one is no different. I am not going to classify him as an ain’t shit ass nigga, because for the first time ever I am with someone who actually cares about me, who gets mad at me for doing idiotic things because I am better than that, who encourages me to reach my full potential and unconditionally supports me with all of my decision. Now, of course like all males, he has done some fucked up shit that could’ve ruined our relationship. I’m no angel either, granted there’s time I can single handedly cause us not to be in a good place with my smart ass mouth. I am not perfect and we’re 4 years apart, so patience is definitely a virtue with us. If it is meant to be, it always will be and as long as we remain honest with each other and continue to work with each, better each other and communicate effectively, we will prosper.

I knew he was the one when we were at the club and he couldn’t keep his eyes off me and when we got outside we made out in front of everyone. That made me fall for him, not every guy you meet publicly makes out with you right outside the club (most don’t want their other hoes to see) lol. I also knew he was the one when he came to D.C. for New Years for me and a day later followed me to NC. I knew he was the one when I did some fucked up shit and he forgave me, and when he forgave me he told me he loved me. I never had someone love me the way he does, I never had someone worry about me as much as he does and I never want to let him go.