Living With Bae

What the f*** did I get myself into?

I ask myself that question at least once a day. I’m not the one to lie, living with your significant other will test the foundation of your relationship. Ya know when your parents tell you, “you never really know a person until you live with them,” parents never tell a lie (yes they do, but in this case we’ll turn a cheek). There are times I am in paradise waking up next to my boyfriend and falling asleep in his arms every night. Then there are those times when I want to break everything in the house and yes, I’m dramatic.


When I told my parents in December of 2018, that I’d be moving out they were more than ecstatic, as they’ve been trying to get rid of me for years. My parents are super supportive of everything I do, so their only words were if things got rough, remember I always have a room at home.

Love required me to take a big leap of faith and put a lot more trust into my relationship. I was actually really excited to be adulting and moving on to the next steps. We lucked up on this amazing townhouse super close to my job, so that made things way more convenient. The first few months were very, very hard, no lie. We argued everyday about the littlest things. We had to adjust to sharing a space, working around each others schedule and finding time to appreciate each other. We were going through a transitional phase that required a lot more communication and patience.

It’s not like I have never “lived” (my old joints lived off me) with a significant other before, but this was like real world not college. Finances and bills are being shared and I can’t just kick my boyfriend out when he pisses me off. After we battled it out in WW3, we really sat down and talked about our feelings, a talk that truthfully should’ve happened before we moved in. We discussed how to respect each other, better ways of expressing our feelings, communicating more effectively and making sure we give each other space.

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In no way am I advising moving out with your lover the first moment you get. It’s not an escape from your parents and it is definitely not a relief on bills. It is a next step, among many more, when you are in a fully committed, and “going somewhere” relationship.

The best part of my day will always be waking up and falling asleep next to my love.