Defeating Writer's Block

"Reading helped, breathing helped and getting lost in my thoughts somehow got my creative juices flowing"

If anyone is actually keeping tabs on me and very tuned in to my blog (which I would hope a lot of people are) I haven't really posted anything the entire month of July. Here we are at the end of July and nearing the end of summer, and I kind of have mixed feelings on how I chose to spend my summer days. Of course I did the typical late night parties, hang out until the sun came out with my best gals and explored the city. There was brunch and then the brunch after party, which was probably the highlight of the season. On my list of things to do this summer, I am sad I barely got to dip my feet in the pool, soak my sand in the beach, travel as much as I'd like to. Adulting is a hard pill to swallow and I've been taking It faithfully, since I decided its about time to get my life together.

"Adulting is a hard pill to swallow"

Along with my not so eventful summer, I had an extreme case of writer's block. I, unfortunately, had no interest in writing out my feelings and thoughts. On one hand, you could argue I was too busy being busy and living in the moment. In another perspective I lost my creativity and my passion. It's sad to admit, but the truth is freeing, so I've decided to work extra hard and dedicate more time to my craft and my brand. 


Getting over writers block was not easy at all. July was an emotional roller coaster for me, I was going through a transition period and I had to severely focus on a goal that was almost at its deadline. Work had become a stressor for me and added to my anxiety. At one point I felt stuck and no matter how much effort I was putting into completing this goal, nothing was working out in my favor. I was experiencing a period of challenges and persevering through It was a test of strength. I, fortunately, started to remember that I needed to take time out regularly for self care and mental relaxation. Reading helped, breathing helped and getting lost in my thoughts somehow got my creative juices flowing.

I know that writers block is one helluva drug so heres some quick tips on pushing through It: 

  1. 20 to 30 minute walks - I know It's kind of cliche, taking walks around the neighborhood will give you a clear a mind, but hey, It works! Instead of a clear mind, I actually get the space to think of really awesome ideas and how I can make them happen. I usually take 2 walks a day on the weekend around my neighborhood and occasionally I take an extra treat with me. This also works as some exercise and I can feel a little healthier about myself. 
  2. Pick up a book - books are always good for entertainment. When you have writers block I would recommend reading a self help book, a really good book for changing negative circumstances into positive situations would be, The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck, by Mark Manson.
  3. Free write - whenever I think of something I write It down. When I am in my feelings I write them out. When I cry, after a few moments, I write down all the feelings I cried out. I make a to do list everyday and I make It a point to cross everything out. If I feel like I just the thought of the perfect fictional story, I began to write It. It helps me practice writing too. 
  4. Explore a new place - going somewhere new and exciting definitely gives you something to write about. I like to galavant through D.C. and eat at random restaurants, and find new places to hang out, and find a picture perfect locations. 
  5. Twitter - I've had the same twitter account since 2010 and for eight years there has never been a dull moment on the best social media app, but that's just my opinion. Twitter is where I can get a quick laugh, celebrity news updates, find out about local events happening and most of the time I find my post inspiration. Warning: its addictive.