Summer Readinglist

Realizing I haven’t written a reading list in monthsssssss, since 2017 to be exact, I got here a poppin ass summer reading list. I dedicate this summer, not only to unforgettable (but I may not remember) nights, but also to my happiness. This list is short, so it’s strictly for motivational purposes only! The reads for feeding your soul with self love and positivity, and nourishing your growth. Enjoy!  

  1.  Bloom: A Gift For The Girl Learning To Love Ger Beautiful Soul  - By Shani Jay.  This book is for the women who are working on building their confidence. This book is for the women trying to find beauty in their imperfections. It’s a self love book, focusing on helping women understand they’re enough. 
  2.   Start Where You Are: A Journal for Self Exploration  - by Meera Lee Patel. “We become what we think” that’s the theme for this interactive book. It’s suppose to be a creative way to guide readers to becoming their better selves. 
  3. Milk & Honey - By Rupi Kaur. I LOVE THIS BOOK! This is perfect for the healing heart. It reminds you that you can overcome the most difficult heartbreaks and find yourself in the process. A good for those women who are dealing with a wounded heart. 
  4. You Are A Badass - By Jen Sincero. For the sarcastic edgy women, this book is dedicated to you. It’s a self help book that inspires to you to live unapologitically in your truth. You want witty, real life advice and occasional swears, this book is worth the read. 
  5. All The Ugly And Wonderful Things - By Bryn Greenwood. This is a novel, a romance novel to be exact. It’s fictional, but it’s a beautiful read. It’s about finding love in the worst of situations. It’s entertaining and you’ll be reveling in your feelings throughout the entire book. 

If you have any books to add, comment below!