Summer Dolist

living your best life

It’s the first day of summer... in more lit terms,  it’s time to start actually living your best life. And yes, I do mean go out here naked and be free! Free yourself of overwhelming school work, dead end relationships, and the anxiety that comes with the pressure of a looming deadline, mixed in a pot of procrastination. We get, roughly, 3 months of sun dresses, short shorts and bra tops, without having to explain why we’re barely dressed. With the sun kissing our skin and the chance to finally be carefree, there’s plenty to do on this summers bucket list. 

I have compiled a list of my favorite summer time activities, places to visit, and some other cool as shit I’m going to partake in while the weather is sunny side up. Some things on my list are only for the brave hearted, if you’ve got spunk like moi you’ll be down for it all!  

Summer Dolist: 

  • Assateague State Park/Assateague Island - this is a beach in MD, about 2 hours from Silver Spring and it’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been (and had the pleasure of camping at). The water is fresh, there’s crabs walking the beach, there’s horses chilling beside you on the beach and it’s a wildlife sanctuary. If you like doing outdoor stuff, you’ll love this place.  
  • Skyline Hotel Pool - I’ve never to an adult friendly pool that was more fun, or maybe my friends and I were just too lit. Regardless, this is a fun summer activity to do with a group of friends, there’s a Dj, a bar, bottle service and definitely a good time.  
  • Biking to the capitol - I’m a girlie girl but I can roll with the punches. Biking from downtown silver spring to down town DC is a mission, but it’s good excercise and a fun date idea. I usually rent the city bikes so there’s no stress in dropping a few coins for a bike I’m really not going to use.  
  • Biking Rock Creek Park - Rock Creek Park stretches from Bethesda, MD to downtown DC. This trip, like the one mentioned before, is another fun date activity, while simultaneously shedding a few pounds.   
  • Bar hopping in DC - when in doubt, get drunk. DC nightlife, as we all should know, is too real. When I came back home from college for the first year after graduating, I partied EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT. and I kid you not. If you just want a good time, without having to wear heels, definitely get into bar hopping in DuPont Circle, Adams Morgan, U st and Georgetown. There’s too many awesome ass bars, filled with unforgettable memories for me to mention all my faves, but I guarantee on a Friday & Saturday night you’re in for a good time.  
  • Bottomless Brunch - I don’t know what it is about black people and brunch, but we literally live for the Sunday brunch specials and endless day parties around DC. #LittyInTheCity is my top 2 (and it ain’t 2) go to brunch/day party.  
  • Philly for the day -  due to unforeseen circumstances in an unfortunate situation, I had to schedule a pop up trip to Philly. Since it was a few hour drive away from home, It was a quick and fun day trip. Philly is a great place to explore culture. I had the pleasure of visiting the Magical Garden, It is the one of the most creative things I've ever seen. Plus, they host the Roots picnic and that is a definitely a good ass festival to attend. 
  • New York for a weekend - being that NY is so close and its filled with hella shit to do, explore and take pictures of, It has made the list. I'm sure we all go to NY at least three times a year (I do because I have family/friends in the state and its a few hours car ride away) but summer time NY is different vibe. 
  • Picnic on the Monument lawn - I usually picnic at night on the lawn, so I can indulge in extracurricular activities, without too many eyes on me. Having a picnic during the day or at night, is still something to cross off your bucket list. It's good for people watching, date ideas and something to do when theres nothing else to do. 
  • Museum and monument tour - DC is filled with FREE things to do and one of my favorites is taking a day to visit every Smithsonian museum there is in downtown DC. Of course theres plenty of other museums to explore, one of my faves is the Spy Museum. Visiting all the statues and monuments that are sacred to the our nations history is also a good day of fun.
  • Great Falls - if you've never been, you're late. It is ok though, better late than never. This a little drive out of Silver Spring, but it is worth it. Hiking, exploring, jogging, smoking, can do it all here and feel like an amazon woman. 
  • Niagara Falls - this is a trip that usually occurs for me on the fourth of July. I got my passport specifically to cross the Canadian border and during this time particularly Canada celebrates pride and theres plenty of fun people walking the streets getting you lit. 

Don't limit yourself to my Summer Dolist, these are just ideas to spark your creativity to go out and do something other than sitting around wasting your summer days inside. 3 months to be the lit-est, funnest, wildest and most carefree you can be. SPEND It WISELY!