Exploring Sexuality

I am a woman, not bound by the constraints society puts on a female’s sexuality. I do what and who I want. I am as free as a bird, to probe through life in search for what pleases me, sexually. I don’t limit myself to pleasures I have yet to know. I’m all in for the excitement of being touched in new places and trying new things. Sex to me isn’t this over glorified intimate connection two (or more) people share. It’s not as deep as most hippy, “one with the universe”, people make it seem to be; although, it can be. Sex to me is simply fun, and I have the right to have fun with whatever I do. Sex has brought me to tears, in the good and bad sense. I have great moments embedded in my memories, and times I’d truly love to never remember again. 

Sex is fun. Sex is passionate. Sex is rough. Sex is playful. Sex is adventurous. And most importantly sex is an exploration of the body. How do you know what you don’t like if you’ve never tried new things? I’m not one to set boundaries on the number of lovers one can have at once and how many ways one can be pleased. My life is and will forever be filled with first times and good times. Trying new things keeps me young. In 8th grade I kissed a girl for the first time (it was a dare). In college I told myself this is definitely my opportunity to find me. Part of finding myself was figuring out my stand point on sex and my sexuality. I came to a conclusion by the end of my sophomore year, I cannot be categorized to fit into society norms and I will not limit myself because of what others may think of me. 

Your 20’s are your selfish years, meaning, do you! If you want to kiss a girl, but you’re scared you might like, get over it! It’s fun! If you want to have a one night stand, try it, those things are always eventful. If you want to try new things with your partner, go for it! Test your boundaries, flirt with men, flirt with women. Just because you might dabble in the same sex, doesn’t mean you’re a lesbian, it just means you’re boundless when it comes to sexuality. You’re too young to be manogomous and have yet to experience fingers caresses every inch of your body. We’re sexual beings, sex just isn’t for reproduction, it’s for satisfaction, it’s for love, it’s for pleasure, it’s for exploration