New month! New goals! #MoreMondays

Every month I make a list of goals I set out vigorously to accomplish. Since the beginning of 2018 I’ve done well with following through on completing these goals. I make a to do list everyday, I have a list of things to work on over the weekend, I’m very determined and disciplined. Ever since college I had to stay very organized with how busy I can be. Essentials in my daily life would be a planner, a calendar (which sits right by my bedroom door) a pen, a journal, my phone and water (the bottle of water just made the cut). Staying organized, keeping up with my schedule, writing out ideas and staying hydrated keep me motivated throughout my very active day. 


I work full time, (with kids at that)  I go to school full time, I write, I read, I indulge in extracurricular activities, I organize events, I run a blog and I am consistenly expanding my brand. I am a woman of many hats and my way of not getting too exhausted is by making Sunday my ME days, full of relaxation and rebooting, so that on Monday I feel refreshed and ready to conquer the world. Every new day, week, month is magical in the sense that it’s a restart to whatever happened before; we treat everyday, every week and every month with enthusiasm and gratitude, it’s another opportunity to perform at our highest level. 

Here’s a list of goals I set out for myself on the very first week in April: 

 •Begin my teacher portfolio 

 •Finish a class project ahead of time 

•Prepare myself for my very own kiddie program at my school  

•Stay committed to my diet and exercise routine  

•Study diligently for my exam  

•Spend wisely  

Practice kind words  

•Start everyday on a positive note