Here’s to The Holidays

With Thanksgiving a few days passed, we’re all reflecting on all the things we are undeniably greatly for, but never take a moment to truly appreciate. I am thankful for consistent dick (because, honestly it’s a rare  commodity), my job, my family, and my never ending determination to be a better person everyday. Aside from the gratitude the season brings, we’re also gearing up for my second favorite holiday (the first being my birthday) CHRISTMAS! So much to do, with not enough money for it all. The winter holiday season is the most wonderful time of the year, and that’s facts. The Christmas cards, decorations, plentiful food, sales and good vibes —you can see how easily it is for one to get caught up in the holiday cheers


Around this time I require a lot more sparkle in my life. I submerge into my thoughts and try to figure out how I can possibly salvage the rest of the year. Truthfully, I’ve probably met 65% of my goals for the year...I can stretch it to 68% if I give myself a little more credit. I’ve gotten lackadaisical in my routines, I’ve fallen back with my pursuits and put all of my focus into one thing. With all of my attention going to one thing, I realized I wasn’t making time for things that I enjoy doing (like my blog). I’ve been neglectful and comfortable with my slacking. I was suppose to be going hard, but I’m more chill than ever. 

First step to progressing is recognizing you have a problem...I, Johnelle, have a problem. I have a plan to fix the problem, but all things come in time.  I’m the type of person, that if plan A doesn’t work I always have a back up, and when my back ups don’t work I just go with the flow. With all the changes and challenges I faced this year, I would be lying if I denied that at some point I was about to break. Thankfully, my God and my support system always has my back. Those long confessionals, through prayer and venting to my friends, helped me keep pushing. I’ll continue to push through the rest of this year and prepare myself for all that 2019 has in store for me.