Karma is the realist thing I’ve ever known. The energy we put out into the universe, is the same energy we will receive. Even in religious instances, God won’t give you anything you can’t handle. So, if you find yourself always receiving the short end of the stick, maybe it’s a sign that you aren’t prepared for the best that is yet to come. You pray for good things, but are you a good person?


One thing I want to do more of this year is spreading my light, my love and positivity to most I encounter. I want my black girl magic to touch those who need it most, who can’t see with their blind eyes because negativity influences their mindset. Bad things happen to good people all the time, but you shouldn’t let one hiccup defeat you.  You can handle all the curveballs life throws, because you were made to withstand any storm. I spent a lot of time last year feeling broken, not only was I on a horrific emotional rollercoaster, I had too many L’s handed to me I wasn’t even able to count it. Thankfully, my parents raised a soldier. Like Gucci Mane said, “I remembered that as low as my lows had gotten, I always had faith in myself. That I always knew if I could get past those temporary moments, eventually I’d be up again.” REMEMBER THAT, let it marinate.

Growth. Growth is understanding that not every action needs a reaction. Growth is knowing that putting others down doesn’t make you a better person. Growth is knowing that sacrifices must be made in order to flourish. That is what my 2018 is all about, prospering and maturing, making decisions that benefit my future. Leaving things in past year is very vital, in order to move forward we must leave certain things in the past. I can’t let what once was dictate what could be. I’ve learned a lot of lessons that will help guide me through this next chapter in my life.