A Few of My Favorite Things

With today being the first day of school, thought I'd share with everyone a list of my favorite reads, along with some books I haven't read yet (but most definitely do plan on it very soon). Reading and writing are my favorite things to do, you know, when I'm not out doing whatever. I've always loved reading, I read the whole Harry Potter series in like 2 weeks. When I get a really good book, I can't put it down. I haven't read as much as I use to, but I'm back on my bullshit and it has become a good escape from the real world. 


1. Their Eyes Were Watching God 

Favorite book to date! This book is by the amazingly talent Zora Neale Hurston and I never get tired of reading it. I wrote an essay on it in college, which really allowed me to analyze the story from a feminist perspective. It is a story of a woman who goes through several love affairs in search of finding herself. She has 3 marriages, to all of which she learns a lot about men, being independent, forgiveness and triumph. 

2. Black Sexual Politics

This book was written by Patricia Hills Collins and if you're into reading critical theory texts, you'll love this! It explores how politics shape society views on sexual expression. It discusses racism, gender roles, homosexuality, all pertaining to the black community.

3. Words from a Wanderer 

By Alex Elle, who is inevitably a wonderful writer, every time I am feeling a little low and need some words of healing I always read this book. Its good for getting through break ups, dealing with bumps in a friendship and in need of some self love words of wisdom. A book comprised of poems and short notes, valuable in your home library. 

4. Orlando 

Shout out to Dr. Roberts, my wonderful English lit teacher, who made me read this book and I fell in love with is. On my list of faves because Virginia Woolf is a classic and this book provokes imagination. Gender and love are the main themes is this fictional story, with a time line of 300 years and man who is searching for his purpose in life, it is a great story. Warning though, if you're really not into victorian setting books then you should pass. 


5. The Hate You Give 

By Angie Thomas, I have yet to read but I cannot wait to start. I randomly saw this book on the internet and was immediately intrigued. It is a story about a young girl who witnesses her friend get shot by the police and becomes an activist. I'm sure I am going to be so in my feelings reading this and afterwards I may write a review. 

6. In Search of Our Mothers Gardens 

From the wonderful mind of Alice Walker, definitely a must read! This book really opened my mind to a lot and Walker is very open about her relationship with her family, her loved one and her thoughts on various subject focusing around womanism. It is a collection of essays, poems, speeches and journals, if you love Walker as much as I do, you have to get into this! 

7. Piecing Me Together 

Another book on my "need to read" list. Renee Watson is the author of this very interesting book about a young black girl, growing up in a poor neighborhood, determined to make something of her life and move out the hood. 

8. Sister Outsider 

Another feminist read, that is thought provoking and informative, Audre Lorde (another favorite of mine) complies essays and speeches that touch on topics of sexuality, politics, black feminism and classism...but that is just a few. Lorde is one of my idols and I could only hope to be an influential as she was. She is a woman of liberation, opinionated and assertive, her words are just as powerful as her actions. 

9. Rich Dad Poor Dad

My dad made me read this book by Robert Kiyosaki, it is mainly about how your economic class affects how you raise your children. The rich dad and poor dad have different viewpoints on success, the value of money and work ethics. It is very interesting to see how money is taught from 2 different perspectives and how children end up in the same cycle finically as their parents. 

10. The Giver 

You should've read this book in high school, and if you didn't and was a bone head and watched the movie instead, shame on you, the book Is way better. Written by Lois Lowry, it is a book about set in a futuristic dystopia where society is very black or white and no one has any kind of emotional depth, society is very structured, bland. Only one person has the ability to know all, which means they can see the past, they have the capacity to handle feelings and such forth things like that. Good read if you're into science fiction. 


Wishing everyone academic success in the new school year and remember that reading is good exercise for the brain!