Brief Recap of My Weekend: 

  • Friday I had an event at my school (I'm a teacher btw, if you aint already know) called the Fall Fest, I went hard in the paint for this one. It was really fun and entertaining. Aterwards I went out for my coworkers birthday, I think she turns 40 this year. A little out of my element, but I did get drunk and enjoy myself (which is amazing to me, because I don't particularly like hanging with my coworkers outside of work, never mix business with pleasure.)
  • Saturday I did absolutely nothing. I wish I could rewind back to this day, because literally all I did was get high, clean my house and write. Perfect Saturday. 
  • Sunday I hung out with my awesome ass best friend and we went to this interactive exhibit in DC called The Future of Sports (literally anyone can put random cute shit together, call it art and charge people to experience the shit) It was really cool. I never miss a pop up art creation thingy, so getting the opportunity to go was litty. I have few pictures from my visit, I encourage everyone to go.

This week goals:

  1. Write. I've been having a bit of writers block, so my content isn't as good as I would like it to be. I've been carrying around my journal faithfully and whenever I have the urge to write what is on my mind, I stop whatever I'm doing and write. It's good my thoughts are going somewhere besides just circulating my brain, it can get a bit overwhelming. 
  2. Be honest...with myself. There's a lot of things changing with the season. Life is getting unpredictable and although I love a new challenge, I am anxious to see what awaits in these last 2 months of 2017. I've been making myself promises I haven't been able to fulfill and at 23 I find myself making the same old mistakes. I need to take a moment and reflect.
  3. Stay positive. It is easy for me to get into a pessimistic mood. One thing can go wrong and I am canceled for the day, whether it is big or small. I've been overly emotional lately, which is cool and all but I need balance to function properly and my libra scale has been tipping easily lately. One thing is for sure if I am to keep my day going well, my mornings need to start on a good note.


Heres to hoping everyone has a beautiful and busy week. Make shit happen!