10 Affirmations for 2017

You only two times a year to start over, January 1st and your birthday. Take advantage of those new chapters in your life, if your start wasn’t amazing, you have another opportunity to end it with a bang. In 2016 I was definitely winning, of course I took some L’s but I charged it to the game. Nothing could take away my excitement that I graduated last year, started my career a week later, I experienced love for the first time and as per usual I partied the whole year away. All the set backs were outweighed by all the blessings I received last year. In 2017 I’m only getting better. I set 10 goals for myself, not giving them a time limit…they’re more so where I want to be by the end of 2017.


1.     Live a healthier lifestyle.

This is a top priority for me. First thing first, no soda. I’m a soda connoisseur, like its all I ever drink (even when I first wake up). I blame my parents for the lack of nutritious foods in my diet. I was going to cut out soda and juice all together, but my goals are actuality. I don’t have health issues or bad skin, but I could be taking care of myself more and watching what I consume. The gym is up for debate, however.


2.     Be a better woman, daughter and friend

I try to always practice what I preach and if I can not do that then I don’t voice my opinion. I know I’m not a kumbaya type of chick. I’m careless, bitchy, irrational at times and I have a slight attitude problem (all of which I am actively working on everyday). This year is about focusing on what really matters, myself, my family and my friends. Being stank all my life will not help me prosper. I need to be more open, more friendly, not saying I’m not nice....but I can be friendly. I should be able to start up small talk with people and not be so introverted. I need to be a better daughter to my parents, I need to show them the same unconditional love they’ve always given me. I for sure need to work on being a better friend, I lack in the communication area and it puts distance between the ones I hold dear to my heart. I need to dedicate more time to showing my loved ones they’re appreciated and I am so thankful for them.


3.     Expand the brand

Procrastination is my downfall, that and my personality disorder of laziness. I love writing and my heart smiles knowing people actually read my bullshit. My heart falls out of my ass every time someone tells me I’ve inspired them. I want to be influential; I want to be a motivator, a public speaker for African American women. I want my blog to be a go to place when someone needs a pick me up or a distraction. I need to work on being just a tad bit more consistent with my pieces and I want to expand my blog from being opinion to being a lifestyle. I need to put in the work, time and tears and I have all the motivation in the world now.

4.     Dedicate more time to myself

I hate when I get to the point in my life where I’ve hit rock bottom, and I cant seem to figure out how I allowed myself to get this low ..again. So this year I’m not going to let my feet touch the ground, I’m only going up. I’m being selfish this year, with no apologies. Selfish with my love, my time, my energy, my money and most importantly my pussy. I’m putting myself first, before and above anything and everything that is not beneficial to me.


5.     Handle all business in a timely manner.

Time is very precious and valuable. I’m a bonehead because I am always wasting time, mine and others. I always do things at the very last stretch of a minute. I can plan out my whole day and let it all be wasted by taking a nap. I need to be better at adulating, I need to prioritize my time and keep myself disciplined. No more bullshitting 2017.


6.     Take a trip out the country.

I’m turning 23 this year and the only place I’ve been is to Canada (which ain’t really about nothing). Now that I am just getting older, I need t be making grown woman trips to Mexico, Jamaica, France…taking pics with my stamped passport and all that. Sometime this summer I’ll be chilling in another country, on their beach, making their men spend money on me.


7.     Slay, everyday

2016 I served looks, but you could also catch me slipping 340/365 days of that year. I personally do not care to made up every day of the work. But appearance is everything and I ain’t missing no meals, nor niggas. When you look good, you feel good and that has always been very factual. At this point in my life I shouldn’t even be catching myself slipping. No lackin 2017.


8.     Start masters program

The key to success in life in as education (others may tell you different but everyone’s entitled to their own opinions) I had plan and got lazy. I was suppose to start Trinity University for PR and Communications in Sept 2016.Where I’m at right now, my career goals have shifted and I keep having excuses for why I keep pushing back my start date. No more of that though, knowledge is power and I need to start collecting.


9.     Getting closer to God.

I’ve always had a relationship with God. Just because I don’t go to church regularly or carry the bible close to my heart, does not change my beliefs or effects my judgment; however, I can admit that I do not praise him enough for all my blessings. I never ask God for anything, except his hand to guide me through tough times and for him to carry me when I can’t handle it all by myself. I am determined to start going to church more often and praising him more for all the blessings I’m going to receive this year.


10. Continue to grow, glo and boss up

This is my golden year, my Jordan year, MY year. Anything that doesn’t break me will only make me stronger. Everything that will happen in 2017 will be learning experiences, the good and the ugly. I will grow as a woman and my bank account will flourish. My glo will continue to prosper as I perfect my skills and myself. 2017 will only consist of boss moves, I’m not into the business of doing things that do not benefit me financially or emotionally. 2017 is all about making decisions that will help you, not hurt you. Boss moves only 2017!