To Each, Their Own

I’m the girl on Twitter who tweets whatever comes to mind; whether its about people staring at me as I pick my nose at a red light, or how my trash ass car stresses me out. I have no filter in real life and I have even less cares on social media. I don’t censor anything; I’m not one of those people who applies for jobs that look that deep into your personal life anyways (because that’s ugly). I am who I am, I’ve accepted my vulgarity & strangeness and I could careless who has not. I am forward, I’m confident, I’m very full of myself (in a positive note …may be confused with conceited but nope) I’m well articulated and extremely opinionated (hence the blog). I give my 2 cents on any and everything I please, but I am also an adult who consciously picks and choses her battles, because I’ve learned through the years not every action requires my reaction. I also like being controversial; its what keeps the people going. I’m a certified conversationalist; I can talk about how the different dyes and textures of cotton candy really satisfy my taste buds. I make comments, which may seem as though I have my foot up my ass, but sometimes I just like being problematic.

courtesy of Google images

courtesy of Google images

I say all this to get into the real topic of discussion here, how everyone is 100% entitled to their opinions. I am an opinionist, by the very definition of the word (if that was a real word). I say what I want and rarely apologize for it. I don’t live a life filled with sorry’s, because most of the time I mean what I say and I won’t apologize if someone doesn’t quite understand my view point. That is why, when you state your feelings on situation, it is called an “opinion”. The funniest thing in the world is stating the unpopular opinion on your social media platforms and everyone (people you’ll never meet anywhere) comes for your neck. Lets examine the reputable phrase, “everyone is entitled to their own opinion,” this meaning no one can tell you how you feel on a particular subject s inaccurate. (not saying they won’t) If I like apples and you don’t, that is alright by me. I’m not going to judge you because we don’t share the same interests, you can like, feel, say and do, whatever you damn well please. The government granted you freedom of speech, God gave you free will, who the hell be having time to argue with these crazy ass people over an opinion.

I always notice people arguing over someone else’s opinion on music, art, a celebrity. I know people love arguing and debating, (I’m a libra so I get a kick out of it too) but I literally just laugh at how animate people get when they disagree. NEWSFLASH it is ok to disagree. It is not ok to nag and badger someone about why you don’t agree with them. No one owes anyone an explanation on why they feel the way they feel; opinions are cool like that, they don’t need supporting evidence. Facts are the only things that are either right or wrong, and even arguing about facts is pointless because the proof is in the pudding. My whole blog is opinion based, people love to sit and discuss with me my post and why they don’t agree with some of the things I write. I listen with no intention of comprehending, because at the end of the day it is my blog and I write how I feel. If you would like to contribute or add on to my dialogue, there’s a comment section at the end of all my post.  

The beauty in having an opinion is the individualism it provokes. Who wants to converse with someone who can’t even think for themselves. If you remotely agree with everything I say, you are a fool, most of the time I’m talking out of my ass and my words hold no real substance. I am here for the controversy and the drama. I am here for the defiance and the courage it takes to speak your mind and stand by what you say. A true boss sticks to her word and does not let the words of others sway her.