The Unpopular Opinion on Strippers

To be very clear, I respect any woman on her grind, doing anything she can to take care of herself and her loved ones. I respect women with ambitions, goals, and are willing to work and struggle to get where they want to be. I respect women with self-respect, self-love, who value themselves and their bodies. Being successful requires dedication, hard work, perseverance, and growth. I do not respect any woman taking the easy route to fast and dirty money. Do not get me wrong, I do enjoy going to strip clubs and spending others money on strippers. But I would not appropriate or glorify the life of an exotic dancer.

I see on social media, more often than I’d like, how young girls admire the life of strippers. Their ambitions change from wanting to be lawyers, doctors, activist and teachers, to wanting to be pole dancers, shaking their asses for cash. Stripping, in my opinion, is just one step away from prostitution. The only thing separating the two professions is their technical definitions. These young girls are in awe of the lives strippers display on their Instagram and Snapchat. They think stripping is lavish, because of the attention these women get from multiple men, not recognizing it’s the wrong type of attention. Their role models are no longer Maya Angelo, Shirley Chisolm and Roby Bridges. These young and impressionable girls look to Blac Chyna, Amber Rose and Cardi B for guidance, they see these woman as their idols. They think it is cute to post twerk videos and nude photos on their Twitter, not concerned about their future or the negative image their portraying about their selves. They are confused about love and lust, respect and money.

I am not going to blame social media for exposing young girls to the fast life, at one point we grow up and we experience things. I will mention; however, how society has glamorized this particular profession. We have strippers marrying prominent male figures, strippers getting talk shows about nothing and even strippers claiming to be feminist, only to justify why it is appropriate and should be acceptable to be fully naked in public. We show young girls no one wants to be with a well-rounded woman, they want women with artificial asses and titts, that can balance a bottle on their booty or do splits, midair, on a pole. We show these girls you do not have to go to college, get an education and work years to get 100k, you can get 100k in 3 weeks if you know how to seduce a sleaze ball while you are naked.

I read a post from Damit Control blog, on how society has made exotic dancing a desirable profession for young girls, by Danielle Holland, titled, “Is Being A Stripper The New Glamourous Job For Young Females?” In this article Holland discusses how society has changed from stripping being private, discreet and “least considered occupation,” to young girls actually longing to become strippers. I agree, the media has changed the viewpoints on stripping. Young girls are only exposed to the perks of stripping, and yes there are many. They do not understand the negative connotations that come along with being an exotic dancer. Holland explains, “These women are commonly victimized within their workspace as they endure customers that are rude, hostile, violent, and feel entitled to treat these women any way that includes sexual, physical, and verbal abuse.” These men are not paying you because you could be a potential wife, they are paying you to be their hoe.

Like I said, I respect any woman doing her thing to get her shine. I do not agree with women who sell their bodies for money. Shaking your ass and letting random men touch all over you for a dollar bill, does not show me you value yourself and understand your worth. It does not show me that you even know the value of working hard for a dollar, you do not just get rich overnight. Fast money is always the most favorable option, especially when you need fund quick. But how can anyone take you seriously or show respect for you, when you get naked for multiple men every night. A woman that wants to make a difference, wants to be respected as an equal to their male counterparts, a woman that has goals beyond making thousand in one hour on a pole, a woman who treats her body as a temple…those are the women that deserve acknowledgement.