Doing It For The Gram

It is 2016 and almost everything you want to know about someone is available via social media. If they're in school, got a new job, got a new car, got in a relationship; people are constantly bragging about all the good things going on in their lives...and also venting about the bad. That is the purpose of social media, to network and to showcase our lives (as if we all have fans dying to know the scoop on us). It would be foolish to say social media does not have an impact on relationships. If couples aren't "doing it for the gram" they're definitely throwing subs on Twitter about their latest disagreement. It is for sure not hard to keep up with the Jones's these days. But what about the dudes/females in relationships that feel the need to keep it a secret.

Posting your significant other on social media does not mean it has to follow with an essay caption on how much you love them. Just like everything else you love and want to show off on Instagram, what is the big deal with posting your girl/boyfriend? Although social media should not matter in a relationship, it actually does. Wanting to be private about your relationship should always be the objective. Featuring a quick snippet of your significant other on Snapchat does not mean it breaks that privacy. Not posting your significant other does not always necessarily mean you're playing games, but the excuses you give for it can tell otherwise. Dudes/females love to hit you with the, "I don't like people in my business" or "I don't post everything on social media," but they're quick to post that stack that took them a month to save up for. If you were really so intent on being low-key why do you have social media accounts to begin with? Cut it. 

No one expects you to post every high and every low of your life, but it is so damn easy to post your partner. Yes, there are a million ways to express your love for them and show them you value them, but doing it on social media also makes a huge difference. It makes your significant other feel good, it makes them feel special, it makes them smile and it is the smallest gesture. It shouldn't create a big argument that you are not posting them, but I would definitely question my significant other that I've been with for some time why he post everything but me. I love bragging about all the things that make me smile and if you are apart of that reason I would want you to be all over my Instagram and in all my Snap stories. I want to Tweet about you and how amazing you are to me. It isn't like they're asking for your hand in marriage, a conversation about why you're not posting them shouldn't even be a topic of conversation. It should be done effortlessly, without having someone asking why they're not important enough for the world to know about y'all.