I am dripping melanin with honey, I am black without apology.
— Upile

Who is Johnelle. R?

Johnelle is... A 23 year old graduate of the prominent Bennett College for Women, with a B.A. in English. A womanist. An enthusiast. An opinionist. A thinker. An extremist. A story teller. A feminist book junkie. An educator. A go-getter. An admirer of Alice Walker. A social network addict. A wild child.  A very lucky Libra. A professional uno competitor. A motivator.  An over lover. A Black Queen.

About this blog:

I started OpenYourThoughts at the beginning of 2014. My intentions were to create a feminist opinion blog that would inspire and uplift young African American women. My first few posts were on self love, feminism and understanding one's worth. Of course there was man-bashing involved, but fortunately all that has come to an end. With the revamping of my blog, along with some soul searching and knowledge gained, I have finally got my blog to be something I think everyone will enjoy. My post will consist of inspiring, informational and uplifting articles from my observations and personal experiences, interviews on a multitude of topics, reviews of places I've been, stories I've read, movies I've seen, video clips that have inspired me and poetry that got me thinking - all relating to the black culture and the experiences of being a woman. Of course, they'll still be some ranting, I mean this is MY opinion blog. I'll also be adding vlog series and pictures I've taken. I want this blog to have every bit of me in it... my writings, my personality, my thoughts and viewpoints, my loved ones and my black culture.

I hope you all enjoy!