About John

J. R., commonly known as John, is a writer, blogger, educator, opinionator, womanist and student. John graduated from THE illustrious Bennett College for Women, with a B.A. in English, in 2016. She currently works as a high school English teacher in Maryland. John has enjoyed writing short stories and journals since the second grade. All through high school John wrote articles for her school newspaper, had an article published in The Washington Post and continues to publish freelance articles on independent media outlets. John enjoys reading educational and African American culture books, photography, exploring new places to eat, art and museums, and lots of partying. Her aspirations are to obtain her M.A. in Teaching, work as a professor at the university level, become a published author and public speaker.   


I am dripping melanin with honey, I am black without apology
— Upile

About This Blog

I started OpenYourThoughts at the beginning of 2014. My intentions were to create a feminist opinion blog that would inspire and uplift young African American women. My first few posts were on self love, feminism and understanding one's worth. Of course there was man-bashing involved, but fortunately all that has come to an end. With the revamping of my blog, along with some soul searching and knowledge gained, I have finally got my blog to be something I think everyone will enjoy. My post will consist of inspiring, informational and uplifting articles from my observations and personal experiences, interviews on a multitude of topics, reviews of places I've been, stories I've read, movies I've seen, video clips that have inspired me and poetry that got me thinking - all relating to the black culture and the experiences of being a woman. Of course, they'll still be some ranting, I mean this is MY opinion blog. I'll also be adding vlog series and pictures I've taken. I want this blog to have every bit of me in it... my writings, my personality, my thoughts and viewpoints, my loved ones and my black culture.

Hope you all enjoy!